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Don’t get so worked up over Integers. You only need basic math!

Integers, UIntegers, Floating-Points, Decimals, and Doubles

Many people are afraid to learn how to code because they think a lot of “Math” is involved. But to let you in on a bit of secret, it just depends on what you are trying to do. We only need to know the basics like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication…

Defining Swift constants and variables in Swift 5+

Constants, Variables, Type Annotations, Syntax Rules, and How to use them!

Rotary Phone

Back in the day, we had phones like the above picture. A simple telephone that you spun the dial to call out. In those times that was as basic as it could have gotten. Fast forward in time to the present, now we have “smart” phones that do practically everything…


UITabBarController, UINavigationController and UIViewController.

Sometimes it takes time and practice.

Whether you are working with an existing codebase or a brand new project, the question will come down to what is better suited for your needs. Now there are multiple options we could choose from when working with the user interface.

• Storyboards
• Non-Storyboards (Programmatically Designing everything)
• Xibs
• Combination of…

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